Clinical Capsules

Moving a compound from the lab all the way through to the pharmacy presents numerous challenges. As part of Capsugel’s innovative approach to supporting clients’ development efforts, we can eliminate headaches and streamline operations at key points in the clinical trial process. Three of our capsule products utilize technology specifically designed to support the needs of preclinical and clinical trials:

PCcaps® Capsules

Capsugel’s PCcaps® capsules offer a simple method for pre-clinical oral administration of pharmaceutical actives and formulations to rodents. They deliver an exact dose of early-phase formulations of solids, semi-solids or non-aqueous liquids to rodents without using any excipeints. They also avoid solvents that may be incompatible with the active or cause toxicity. They mask unpleasant tastes and odors to ease administration, and prevent regurgitation and upper GI irritation. Controlled release studies can be performed with enteric coating.

DBcaps® Capsules

Capsugel’s DBcaps® capsules are uniquely designed for double blind clinical trials. They can help speed and simplify the process of blinding a test compound – even large and uniquely shaped tablets, caplets and capsules. This improves patient compliance with shorter, easier-to-swallow capsules. Complete coverage of the sidewall makes opening extremely difficult to reduce bias and ensure integrity of the blind. The comparator shape can be retained without alteration, reducing the risk of bioequivalence issues. And they are available in globally approved colors, HPMC that is suited for hygroscopic or moisture-sensitive products, and custom formulations.  Eight sizes and five global colors available. 

All Color Capsules

Capsugel’s All Color Capsules offer fast-track flexibility through their 18 built-in color options. With commercial color decisions rarely made before initial stability studies, new color introduction can result in costly delays. Our All Color Capsules combine FD&C or Iron Oxide dyes to create a product that can extract up to 18 built-in color options. They’re printed with 2 print bars that combine all ink colors, enabling stability studies to start before final color decisions. Available in gelatin or HPMC.