All Color Capsules

Capsugel can offer your product fast-track flexibility through capsules that have 18 built-in color options. Commercial color decisions are rarely made before initial stability studies – which can result in costly delays if new colors are introduced. Capsugel’s All Color Capsule combines FD&C or Iron Oxide dyes to create a product that can extract up to 18 built-in color options. They’re printed with 2 print bars that combine all ink colors, so you can start stability studies before final color decisions, and let marketing take all the time they need.

  • 18 color options in both global and US formulations
  • Multiple sizes (#0, 1, 2, 3) of gelatin capsules*
  • Sample display cases available
  • Supplied in cartons and Capsule Caddies
  • Printed bars contain all printing dyes

*HPMC available in addition to Gelatin

All Color Capsule Formulations

A mix of five colorants for each of the capsules comprise the All Color Capsule in FD&C for US drugs or Iron Oxide for global Drugs. Each capsule contains only 3% total dye content to ensure good productivity and stability. A total of 18 colors can be extracted from each All Color Capsule.

Stability Batches

Stock All Color Capsules are available in caddies or cartons for fast-track R&D studies in sizes #0, 1, 2, and 3. Each capsule is printed with two inks comprising all dyes used in ink formulations, which provides a full palette of ink colors to choose from in final form.

18 Commercial Colors

Marketing groups can choose from up to 18 color formulations based on the same dyes and move quickly to commercial production. The final commercial product does not use dyes at levels above those used in the All Color Capsule. The extracted dyes are listed in the annual report after stability is complete.