Technologies & Design

At Capsugel, we believe that robust product design is key to successfully advancing compounds, and results in overall speed-to-market. Having formulated over 4,000 compounds, we routinely develop custom approaches that improve bioavailability and positively influence the behavior of drug candidates in the body.

Every molecule presents its own set of challenges. Capsugel has built unique drug and process design capabilities that we combine with a premier range of technologies to deliver the right solution for each compound.

We start by gaining a full understanding of your molecule, target product profile, and commercial objectives. Advanced technology selection methodologies minimize the need for physical experiments and allow us to rapidly choose the optimal technology and formulation approach. Our technology platforms and know-how for addressing low bioavailability are unique, and are complemented by technology portfolios and expertise in targeted delivery and encapsulation.

Complementary technologies and expertise have also been developed for taste masking, inhalation delivery, abuse deterrence, and other specialized formulation requirements. In order to safely handle an increasing number of highly potent compounds in the biopharmaceutical pipeline, we have isolation capability in place to support the entire product development cycle.

Multi-disciplinary project teams — consisting of engineers, material scientists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians and pharmacists — bring unique perspectives to drug development programs. They have proven very effective at uncovering and assessing the key issues and challenges associated with each drug candidate in meeting target product profiles.

Capsugel’s proprietary processes and equipment also contribute to the successful advancement of formulations based on our key enabling technologies. Our predictive models, expert systems and specialized lab-scale equipment support not only feasibility and preclinical studies, but also facilitate rapid scale-up to clinical and commercial stages. And Quality by Design (QbD) and ultimate manufacturability are factored in at the earliest stages of product design to minimize development program time, costs and risk.

Our unique combination of science and engineering expertise is core to our offering at each stage of a product’s development and manufacturing cycle. Working closely with clients from design onwards, we can create optimized formulations with the greatest chances of therapeutic and commercial success.