Specialized Applications

In response to evolving market trends, regulatory guidance and customers’ needs, Capsugel has developed specialized enabling technologies and capabilities to address a range of formulation challenges. These specialized technologies are often combined with other enabling technologies from our portfolio in order to optimally meet target product profiles. In the case of potent and highly potent compounds – an increasing percentage of the new molecular entities in the product development pipeline – containment capabilities enable safe handling, rapid development and commercialization of specialized formulations.

Abuse-Deterrent Formulation Technologies

A range of formulation approaches using liquid-filled hard-capsule technology to meet target product profiles while guarding against inappropriate drug extraction.

Lipid Multiparticulate (LMP) Technology

Proprietary technology incorporating both lipids and multiparticulates to yield effective taste-masking, controlled release and/or improvement in solubility properties.

Formulations for Low-Dose / High-Potency Drugs

Formulations for Low-Dose / High-Potency Drugs
Liquid- and semi-solid-fill technology and manufacturing for high-potency drugs, controlled substances, cytoxics, hormones and other challenging formulations.

Inhalation Formulation Technologies

Specialized formulation expertise based on particle engineering and specialized capsule technologies for nasal and pulmonary drug delivery.


Peptide, protein and vaccine formulation approaches, which can be combined with functional capsules for oral delivery, such as enteric capsule drug delivery technology.

Animal Health

Enabling technologies including modified and targeted delivery, bioavailability enhancement, and taste masking are being used to meet increasingly innovative dosage form and brand differentiation requirements.