To serve market needs created by the biopharmaceutical industry’s increasing investment in biotherapeutic formulations, Capsugel has developed a wide range of science-based problem-solving services to assist biopharmaceutical scientists.

Our offering includes novel formulation and processing solutions for biotherapeutic molecules. We have a wide range of comprehensive tools that improve process understanding and performance, increase target product quality, and reduce operating costs. These services capitalize on major investments in spray-drying facilities — including facilities capable of handling vaccines and molecules that pose moderate potential biosafety hazards — and state-of-the-art cell-culture research facilities featuring recent innovations in process design and process analytical technology (PAT).

Our suite of technologies and services include:

  • Protein, Peptide and Vaccine Formulation – rooted in expertise in particle engineering, including spray-drying and solid-state and solution formulation, we provide formulation development services for oral, parenteral, nasal and pulmonary delivery. Capsule technologies are available that enable the oral delivery of acid- and heat-sensitive molecules.
  • Streamlined and De-risked Biologics Manufacturing Technologies – our cell culture process development and optimization services are focused on maximizing product quality.  The development, optimization and scale-up of biotherapeutic manufacturing processes are performed in a new state-of-the art, dedicated laboratory.
  • Modular Automated Sampling Technology (MAST™) – this automated aseptic bioreactor sampling system provides a reliable method for transferring samples directly from bioreactors to analytical devices while maintaining process sterility.  The result – improved bioreactor processing efficiency and yields.