Lipid Multiparticulate Technology

Specialized lipid multiparticulate (LMP) technology has been developed to provide bioavailability enhancement, extended release and/or taste-masking functionality with the dose flexibility of a multiparticulate format.

LMPs consist of spherical, smooth 50- to 300-µm particles, typically with embedded drug substance. They are produced by a continuous spinning-disk process, amenable to fluid-bed coating for ultimate control of drug release.

Bioavailability can be improved through drug solubilization (full or partial) in an LMP matrix or through the addition of amphiphilic excipients to promote solubilization in the GI tract.

Crystalline drugs facilitate good drug chemical stability and high drug loadings, and yield immediate- and extended-release functionality for even hydrophilic drugs. Taste-masking can be achieved through the encapsulation of the API in a lipid matrix and further enhanced with functional capsule delivery.

Various excipients, alone and in combination, are used to tailor functionality, providing:

  • Flexibility in drug dissolution profile achieved by either dissolving or suspending drug in liquid matrix prior to hardening
  • High drug loading capacity
  • Good flow properties due to relatively large size (100-500 microns), and low electrostatic attraction

LMPs have market precedence and are produced using a simple melt-spray congeal (MSC) process, which is solvent-free but does accommodate the use of surfactants, if desired.

LMP production scales at our Bend, Oregon, site range from laboratory scale (20 gram to 1 kg) to clinical / pilot / launch scale (1 kg to 100 kg). Commercial-scale LMP production using MSC technology is in place at our Greenwood, SC (USA) site.

Chemical class Examples
Fatty alcohols Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol
Fatty acids Stearic acid, Palmitic acid
Polyglycerol fatty acid esters Tetraglycerol pentastearate (TGPS), Tetraglycerol monostearate (TGMS)
Glycerol fatty acid esters Glyceryl monostearate, Glyceryl monobehenate, Glyceryl behenate, Glyceryl palmitostearate, Glyceryl ditristearate, Glyceryl tripalmiate, Glyceryl tristearate
Hydrogenated fatty acid esters Hydrogenated hardened castor oil
Polar waxes Complex mixture containing, e.g. esters of acids and hydroxyacids
Others Saturated polyglycolized glycerides, Beeswax, Paraffin wax, Cholesterol, Phospholipids, Microcrystalline wax