Development Services

Capsugel designs, develops and manufactures innovative products for pharmaceutical customers. Key focus areas include drug design and development based on enabled formulations for improved bioavailability and drug delivery. We develop a full range of innovative, solid oral dosage forms inclusive of specialized tablets, mini-tablets and multiparticulates encapsulated in capsules or sachets, powder in capsules, liquid-filled hard capsules, and softgels.

Our unique combination of high quality science and engineering expertise is core to our offering at each stage of a product’s development and manufacturing cycle. We have formulated and advanced over 4000 compounds across a myriad of problem statements, and Capsugel’s product development sites have more than 70 years’ collective experience producing clinical trial material. Over the years, we have developed proprietary technology selection methodologies, predictive models, expert systems, formulation reference tools, specialized lab-scale equipment and micro-testing methods, which help ensure rapid feasibility assessments as well as optimized product design and development. 

We support customer programs with a full range development services from excipient compatibility to commercialization. Services include formulation design and optimization, process development, and qualitative and quantitative evaluations.  Full analytical method development, stability and testing is in place at each of our integrated product design, development and manufacturing sites.  

Our development teams are grounded in the fundamental sciences that complement client team expertise in developing optimized dosage forms. Phase-appropriate and proprietary equipment is in place to support preclinical studies, and produce CTM and commercial drug products.  

To support our customers’ clinical trials, we offer primary and secondary packaging for phase I-IV clinical supply, as well as labeling, kitting and distribution services.

By co-locating our development, clinical and commercial manufacture, Capsugel provides rapid scale-up of formulations and minimizes program risk, cost, time and complexity.