Consumer Health & Nutrition

Capsugel combines its industry-leading capsule and encapsulation technologies with its extensive formulation know-how to create unique and innovative solutions for consumer health and nutrition companies. Leveraging our long experience in pharmaceutical delivery science, Capsugel’s technology platforms enable its customers to bring new and improved nutritionals to market.

Our range of technologies help our customers improve bioavailability, targeted delivery, swallowability, taste and odor masking, while also enabling combination products, providing visually appealing dosage forms, and meeting the expectations of the most discerning clean label consumers.

With a wealth of consumer research and insight, and a team of business development and technical experts dedicated to helping you get your product to market, Capsugel is ready to assist you with your over-the-counter or nutritional supplement today.

Empty Hard Capsules

We offer a wide-range of capsule materials, designs, sizes and colors to best fit the characteristics of nutritional ingredients, the optimum delivery to the body and the lifestyle, cultural and dietary preferences of consumers. All manufactured under the highest quality standards in the industry in pharmaceutical grade state-of-the-art facilities utilizing proprietary technologies.

Our industry leading Coni-Snap® design is the best-selling capsule in the world, offered in bovine, porcine and fish gelatin that meets Capsugel’s rigorous raw materials sourcing qualifications coupled with certified quality assurance and traceability.

Through science, design and engineering know-how, we have continuously expanded our range of vegetarian capsules, featuring Vcaps®, Vcaps® Plus, DRcaps™ and Plantcaps® all free of preservatives, allergens, starch and gluten and offering multiple third party certifications such as Kosher, Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian Society and non-GMO verification.

Liquid-Filled Hard Capsules

Capsugel’s Licaps® liquid-filled technology combines a unique and proprietary approach to formulation and encapsulation of nutritional compounds. Ingredients are pre-solubilized into a solution or suspended using liquids or lipids, making fat-soluble vitamins and ingredients easier for the body to absorb. By encapsulating the solution into two-piece hard capsules filled under a nitrogen flush and sealed, Capsugel has created a unique liquid delivery system that improves bioavailability and stability while eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors.

The hermetically sealed one-piece dosage form does not contain the micro-channels present in softgels, reducing oxidation damage and odor. It also allows the use of beadlets and multiparticulates in suspension to provide different release profiles and a unique visual appeal. The filled capsules are available as a finished dosage form in most of our vegetarian, non-vegetarian and acid resistant capsule range and in DUOCAPS® capsule-in-capsule technology with the ability to combine different ingredients.


Capsugel’s Lipid-Multiparticulates (LMPs) technology, originally developed to enhance performance of pharmaceutical products is now available for nutritionals.  LMPs consist of spherical, smooth 50- to 300-µm particles, typically with embedded ingredients.  They are produced by a proprietary continuous spinning-disk process, amenable to fluid-bed coating, for ultimate improvement of bioavailability, control of release and taste-masking of nutritional ingredients.

LMPs are available encapsulated in our Licaps® encapsulation technology or in bulk form for encapsulation, powder blends, microspheres in suspension, liquid combinations, orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), sachets or use with Coni Snap® Sprinkle capsules.

Formulation & Technical Support

The task to effectively formulate a capsule product includes anticipating challenges to scale up to commercial manufacturing, optimizing yields and speeds, minimizing downtime and costs.  Whether reformulating for a clean label, addressing a problematic powder for better capsule filling productivity, our team of formulators and quality engineering services can help.  

As an extraordinary value-add to our empty capsule customers, we’ve organized an industry-leading Quality Engineering team to help customers improve production efficiencies and increase speed to market – starting from receipt of materials, through formulation, scale-up, in process controls, final manufacturing and product release.

Whether it’s optimizing equipment & tooling, working to increase yield and speeds, or helping you be cGMP compliant, we provide on-site technical support and training at your manufacturing facility and the know-how and technology solutions to drive continual improvement and overcome key product challenges.

Market Development & Regulatory Support

Serving over 2,000 customers in the Consumer Health and Nutrition industry, and leveraging on proprietary and third-party market & consumer research, we bring you a wealth of insights and ideas to support your innovation and product development efforts.

Our experts can help you line extend your brand to expand into new or emerging markets or just grow in the one you’re in today.  Armed with the latest consumer research insights, we consult with companies in this and other services including:

  • Market trends and insights
  • Consumer preferences
  • Identification of new product opportunities
  • Product concepts
  • Branding recommendations
  • Help to achieve a smooth regulatory process with global acceptance and testing.  Local market regulatory expertise