Vcaps® Plus Capsules

Vcaps® Plus capsules offer the same great vegetarian benefits of Vcaps® capsules with beautiful branding due to their luster and color options.

Their shiny surface reinforces a feel of ‘high-end’ swallowability and they dissolve just like gelatin for fast-release performance—important to the experienced and educated supplement consumer engaged in timed supplementation.

They are made of just two components: plant-based HPMC and water. They are a globally acceptable primary vegetarian capsule, and in Europe they are suitable  for use with organic ingredients. Vcaps Plus capsules have Kosher and Vegetarian society certifications.

Vcaps Plus: Premier Vegetarian Solution for Health and Nutrition
Globally - Accepted premium vegetarian capsule 
Organic friendly - Suitable in EU for use with organic ingredients 
Vegetarian - Approved by the “Vegetarian Society”
Kosher / Halal


  • Herbs & Hygroscopic
  • Energy products
  • Amino acids
  • OTC categories
  • Eligible for organic label language (EU)

Formulation benefits

  • Premium gelatin-like dissolution performance
  • Physically stable polymer is resistant to stringent heat and humidity conditions
  • Low-moisture content suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredient