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Clinical Trials Over-Encapsulation Sizing Guide

Use this guide to identify the most appropriate size of DBcaps® capsule, based on the shape and dimensions of the comparator product that is to be over-encapsulated.


ApplicationsOver-encapsulationClinical Trials

What factors impact dose emission in a capsule-base device?

Factors such as the technology of the device, the quality of the formulation, the patient ability to properly use the device, can all have an impact on the quality and quantity of emitted doses.

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How long has pullulan been in use in foods?

The first use of pullulan was reported in 1938. Commercial production of pullulan began in Japan in 1976. 

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What are Vcaps® capsules made from?

Vcaps® capsules are made from HPMC - hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - a cellulosic material derived from pine trees.

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PCcaps brochure

Reaching the Clinical Trial stage is never an easy process. You need all the help you can get. PCcaps® capsules provide a simple way for pre-clinical oral administration of pharmaceutical actives and formulations to rodents.


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How important is "vegetarian" in the purchase decision for a Health & Nutrition supplement?

Research, conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute in 2013 for Capsugel, showed that  38% of consumers in the US prefer capsules that are plant-based.

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Bioavailability Enhancement Webinar Series - Optimizing Technology Choice to Enhance Bioavailability

An increasing number of active compounds in pipelines today have properties that require functional formulation to enable exposure and efficacy. Despite many new technology choices, it is often difficult to match the right drug-delivery technology to a given molecule and problem statement.

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DRcaps capsules factsheet

DRcaps capsules product specifications and range including Capsule Caddy


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What is the difference between Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit®?

Capsugel’s traditional Press-Fit® gelcaps totally enrobe a caplet core between two high-gloss gelatin coatings. Xpress-Fit® technology achieves a faster disintegration time by leaving an exposed center portion of the caplet. 

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Color Guide for Food Supplements - Hard Gelatine Capsules

Choose from 50 selected colors to create a unique brand image


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Colonic Delivery Technology

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions offers several technologiescombining liquid-fill formulation and capsule coating approaches for targeted delivery to the colon for local effect or systemic absorption. A set of innovative hard capsule coating systems are tailored to each client’s specific compound and provide for significant delivery improvements over other commercially available systems for drugs that require or can benefit from
colonic absorption.


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How to take advantage of the growing vegetarian supplement market

Supplement manufacturers, marketers and distributors can significantly improve ROI by supporting their brands with purely vegetarian capsules.

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