Vcaps® DPI

An integral player within the Capsugel® Zephyr™ portfolio of capsules, Capsugel® Vcaps® DPI capsules offer unique attributes for the dry-powder inhalation industry.


Capsugel® Vcaps® DPI capsules are a high-quality solution based on HPMC polymer with a gelling system. They are available with a wide range of customizable color combinations (transparent or opaque) and print options. Capsugel® Vcaps® DPI capsules are robust with LOD below 9% or up to less than 2.2% LWA (low water activity). They have a very low powder retention profile, matte surface and are available in sizes 3 and 00.

Every product development need varies based on the desired performance of the finished product. Lonza partners with its customers to closely match specific requirements and leverages a wide range of customization services for its Capsugel® Zephyr™ capsule portfolio. 

Learn more about our capabilities and which Capsugel® Zephyr™ product is right for your next project. 

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Within the dry powder inhalation application fields, Lonza offers a portfolio of high-quality capsule solutions based on different polymers, tailored to enable consistent and optimal release performance. Building on a history of innovation in polymer science and capsule engineering, the Capsugel® brand, now part of Lonza, offers a suite of HPMC and alternate polymer capsules for the pharmaceutical world. 

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