Clinical Supply Solutions

Capsugel offers integrated product development from feasibility assessments through clinical trials, and specialized commercial manufacturing of finished dosage forms.

As a comprehensive solutions provider, our customers look to us for all of their clinical trial material and service needs:

  • Clinical trial material manufacture with a full range of solid oral dose formats
  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Clinical supplies distribution and logistics
  • Overall clinical supply project management

We manufacture a full range of solid oral dosage forms for clinical trials, inclusive of tablets, multiparticulates, encapsulation / capsules, primary and secondary packaging services in support of Phase I-V clinical projects, and worldwide distribution and storage.

A number of highly specialized activities are required to coordinate, package and distribute clinical supplies to clinical sites to be dispensed to patients in a timely and controlled manner. Some of the activities involved are project management, randomization generation, clinical packaging, labeling, blinding, supply chain logistics, distribution, and destruction. Effective clinical trial supply management can make the difference between a successful trial and a failed trial.

Extensive Packaging Capabilities

  • Blister packaging
  • Patient blister card production
  • Bottle filling
  • Kit labeling and assembly
  • Assembly of ancillary supply kits
  • Sourcing and procurement of comparator and rescue medications
  • Low humidity primary rooms

Global Distribution and Logistics

  • cGMP distribution and temperature-controlled global warehousing
  • Cold chain storage and distribution
  • Controlled drug warehousing for DEA I-V