DPI Capsules

Dry-powder inhalation (DPI) technology offers a favorable drug development opportunity for respiratory or systemic drug delivery. Delivering a uniform dose in a portable, easy-to-use system, capsule-based DPI device is a simple and cost-effective way to deliver inhalable medication.

Capsugel’s customized capsules, in both gelatin and hypromellose, are optimized to provide superior performance and compatibility between the capsule/device and capsule/formulation.

Uniquely Designed for Each Application

Capsugel partners with its customers to closely match specific requirements, and leverages a wide range of customization services for its DPI capsule portfolio. To ensure optimal performance for the required device, Capsugel:

  • Adheres to strict microbial limits to comply with all global DPI regulatory guidelines
  • Adapts the inner surface properties of the capsule walls to minimize powder adhesion for consistent dose delivery to patients
  • Selects and modifies the final capsule to the desired stability and custom weight tolerances for low-dose APIs
  • Recommends capsules to optimize puncturing and cutting performance
  • Provides a variety of options for capsule branding
  • Guarantees a secure supply chain including packaging to maintain integrity of low moisture compounds

With over 20 years’ experience and billions of capsules delivered for inhaled drug delivery systems, Capsugel is well known for its world-class quality that helps ensure dose uniformity and reproducibility, as well as high performance machinability. We have developed customized capsule solutions for a number of drugs that have become gold standards in the treatment of major respiratory diseases. Global supply chain, security of supply and technical and regulatory support accompany every capsule sold.

Over 20+ Billion DPI Doses Delivered Worldwide

Formulation Development Services

Capsugel’s Bend, Oregon facility is recognized for spray dried dispersion technology and particle engineering with fast track programs for new chemical entities. From common to very complex inhalation development, Capsugel’s Bend scientists can select a lactose-free, spray dried dispersion-based approach based on the API characteristics and target product profile. To support formulation development, Capsugel maintains a dedicated inhalation powder manufacturing suite in Bend that can handle a wide range of compound types and safety classifications ranging from large to small molecules.