Vcaps® Gen C Capsules

Building on our history of innovation in polymer science and capsule engineering, Capsugel, now a Lonza company, continues to launch ground-breaking capsule designs and equipment technologies that are improving drug development and delivery.

Specialty Polymer Capsule

Vcaps® Gen C is a high-quality capsule for pharmaceutical products based on a carrageenan gelling agent formulation.

Continuing to pioneer specialty polymer capsules, the Capsugel® HPMC portfolio gets enriched with Vcaps® Gen C Capsules, advancing the ability of pharmaceutical manufacturers to qualify a high-performing gelling agent-based capsule, with the Capsugel® high quality and performance standards.


Robust Sourcing

  • Formulated to match current pharmaceutical products, aiming for a seamless qualification

  • Supports a dual sourcing strategy

Flawless functionality

  • Fast dissolution profile, pH independent without lag time, comparable to gelatin

  • Appealing looks, enabling patient acceptance and treatment compliance

Solid performance

  • High robustness

  • Suitable for moisture sensitive formulations

  • Consistent quality and machinability

Seamless Supply

  • Reliable global distribution chain

  • Widest and most flexible production capacity

Product Description

  • Manufactured with non-animal cellulose derivatives (HPMC)

  • Product formulation using carrageenan as gelling agent

Regulatory Status

  • Contains established polymers used in pharmaceutical applications for more than 20 years
  • Suitable for use in drug products marketed in major markets


  • Vegetarian and vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society


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Meeting the demand of pharmaceutical manufacturers

The addition of Capsugel® Vcaps® Gen C broadens the already comprehensive HPMC product portfolio, providing solutions for immediate and modified release dosage forms. This new member of the vegan family will help pharmaceutical customers bring products to market faster, reliably.