SGcaps® Soft Gelatin Capsules

Take advantage of our outstanding capabilities and quality to bring your most complex products to market with our softgel capsule technology.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our product development teams and manufacturing specialists have extensive capability in liquid and semi-solid formulation in soft gelatin capsule (SGcaps®) and liquid fill hard capsule (Licaps®) technology. We can help your products succeed by meeting target product profiles in the unique and differentiated product presentations offered by SGcaps® and Licaps® technology. 

Our product development teams are well versed in lipid-based technology to address bioavailability enhancement, compound stability, food effect and other formulation challenges. These teams and our manufacturing specialists support your development efforts and ensure a successful launch and ongoing supply of your soft gel products.

Wide Array of Uses

Our product range is ideal for both the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets and includes all sizes, shapes, colors and forms of softgel capsules. Some of the benefits of SGcaps® capsules include:

  • Oral, topical, ophthalmic and vaginal administration
  • Soft gelatin shells are easy to swallow, helping improve patient compliance
  • Outstanding quality – manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines with certified quality assurance system for traceability of raw materials

We also can help provide a color combination that suits both the product indication as well as patient and customer preferences.

SGcaps® one-piece capsule design features an easy-to-swallow shell consisting of plasticizers (glycerin, sorbitol, PEG) that meet all cGMP guidelines, FDA and MEA purity standards and feature a Certified QA system for traceability of raw materials. The tamper-resistant shell masks taste and smell in a broad range of unique shapes and colors.

NOTE: This product is currently not available in Japan.