1st European Conference on Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery

April 13, 2015

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Capsugel and Bend Research will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 1st European Conference on Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery. We will present the following posters during the event:

  • Casey Jager, Ph.D. will present, "In vitro and in vivo Comparison of Solid Amorphous Dispersions and Lipid Formulations of a Model BCS Class II Drug"
  • Jan Vertommen, Ph.D. will present, "Lipid Based Capsule Products to Increase Bioavailability and Reduce Food Effect for a Poorly Soluble Compound"
  • Hassan Benameur, Ph.D. will present, "New Two Piece Enteric Drug Delivery Capsules: Human Gamma-scintigraphy and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation"
  • Hugues Straub will present, “Improving the Delivery of Vaginal Dosage Forms”

The purpose of this conference is to help bridge the gap between fundamental academic research and industrial applications, offering the opportunity to initiate fruitful exchange and cooperation between university and industry. The congresses will be jointly organized by the A.D.R.I.T.E.L.F. (Associazione Docenti Ricercatori Italiani di Tecnologie e Legislazione Farmaceutiche), APGI (International Society of Drug Delivery Sciences and Technology) and APV (International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology).

Visit Capsugel and Bend Research at booth #14 and contact us to schedule a meeting!

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