CRS Annual Meeting

July 26, 2015

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Capsugel is a sponsor at the CRS Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland on
July 26-29, 2015.

Join us for the following poster presentations:

  • Poster 364 - Pharmacoscintigraphy Studies To Assess The Feasibility Of A Controlled Release Formulation Of Ziprasidone
    Presented by: Dory Koehler-King
  • Poster 330 - Hot Melt Extrusion to Improve Dissolution of Itraconazole
    Presented by: Pierro Piccini
  • Poster 127 - New Intrinsically Enteric Two-Piece Capsule Drug Delivery System
    Presented by Jan Vertommen, Ph.D.
  • Poster 313 - Enteric coated hard gelatin capsule development for pharmacokinetic studies
    Presented by Paul Evans

Stop by Capsugel’s booth #601 to learn more about our capabilities!

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