January 19, 2015

PepTalk logoPepTalk: The Protein Science Week is one of the largest gatherings of protein science researchers in the United States, and when you bring together some of the most influential people in the field - big things happen! 

Bend Research is sponsoring this event. Don't miss Dr. Jeff Breit's presentation, Monday, January 19th at 12:15pm in the Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development track.

The presentation will discuss how development of high concentration antibody solutions is being explored for use both in material logistics and storage as well as for clinical application. We will present a case study wherein we begin dissecting the variables important for the development of a spray-dried antibody formulation with a focus on drying kinetics, excipients and protein stability. Utilizing the information accrued in this program, we have developed a model for platform development of a spray-dried monoclonal antibody formulation.

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