AAPS 2015 Poster - Capsule Technology - R6114 - Formulating Spray Dried Dispersions to Achieve Dissolution Performance from Capsules

Spray dried dispersions (SDDs) are broadly enabling formulation intermediates for increasing the bioavailability of low solubility drugs. SDDs have commonly been delivered in immediate release tablets. There is value in the capability to effectively formulate SDDs in capsules as well as tablets. Advantages for 
encapsulation include the ability to rapidly advance a formulation to the clinic, the ability for extemporaneous preparation for dose- ranging or ‘point’ dosing, formulation blinding, and dosage form flexibility to accommodate specific target product profiles. The purpose of this study is to elucidate fundamental wetting, gelling, and dispersal characteristics that  govern performance of encapsulated SDDs in order to guide formulation development.