Study of consumer preferences: Solid oral dosage forms

Effective brand recognition is persuasive in forming consumer preferences. But not all line extensions succeed, even among highly recognized brands.
In some cases line extensions cannibalize existing lines, drawing consumers from one flavor to the next.
Line extensions and new product introductions are more likely today to include new types of dosage forms. But many new products and extensions
are still manufactured in forms that are selected for manufacturer’s reasons – speed-to-market considerations, formulation requirements, and economies
of scale. 
While effective brand recognition is critical in forming consumer perceptions, consumer preferences are influenced
by other factors as well. Because consumers have many more choices of dosage forms than they did just a decade
ago, knowledge of their preferences is a strategic weapon. Brands can easily “get stuck” making products one way
while consumer tastes and expectations are changing and as product innovations continue. The ability for brands to
act and react to consumer preference changes can ultimately determine their long-term success.
In an effort to help over-the-counter, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical marketers understand how consumers
manage their choices regarding the products they take, Capsugel commissioned a study to investigate consumers’
usage, perceptions and preferences of a variety of solid oral dosage forms. The study was designed to provide
sound, genuinely projectable information regarding consumers’ attitudes and usage toward all of the products they
take – including prescription drugs, over-the-counter products and dietary supplements.

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