Webinar - The use of dielectric scanning to probe for cellular biomass, viability, and morphology in laboratory, pilot and industrial bioreactors

This presentation focusses on the fundamental biophysics of dielectric spectroscopy, describing how dielectric spectroscopy enables observation of cellular information not available through other technologies. 

The webinar, presented by Lisa Graham, Ph.D. and Brandon Downey, discussed:

  • obtaining accurate viable cell-density measurements using frequency scanning with capacitance probes;
  • measuring cell health using frequency-scanning data;
  • using dielectric spectroscopy to elucidate the kinetics of defined biological processes (e.g., apoptosis);
  • using data-handling and analysis techniques for coupling frequency-scanning data with other cell-culture data; and
  • applying dielectric spectroscopy to process control, cell-line selection, media development, and selection of process conditions.

See the webinar here.