Ploërmel, France

Capsugel facilities in Ploermel, France serves as our Softgel Center of Excellence and serves the global market with integrated product design, development and manufacturing of specialty soft gel products. This enabling technology brings a range of formulation and commercial benefits to pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products. The Ploermel facility has an extensive track record in designing optimized lipid / semi-solid / liquid formulations, and advancing compounds from feasibility through clinic to commercialization.

Technology Expertise

Capsugel’s premier depth in key technologies, breadth of expertise and global infrastructure position us to meet the increasingly complex challenges faced by biopharmaceutical and consumer health and nutrition companies worldwide. At Ploermel, Capsugel utilizes soft gelatin capsule technology, as well as liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHC), to bring a number of formulation and commercial benefits to both pharmaceutical and health & nutrition customers. Softgel technology is a key offering within our bioavailability enhancement suite of technologies, and for specialized product development for low dose, hormones and other challenging applications. 

The product development team at Ploermel benefits from the entire network of Capsugel product development sites in Europe and the US, and shares best practices in identifying optimal technologies and approaches for formulation challenges. A full range of pre-formulation and feasibility studies – including lipid-based solubility screening for new chemical entities and in vitro evaluation of lipid-based formulations to predict in vivo behavior – is conducted for client compounds. Dedicated suites are used for small-scale lab encapsulation for feasibility assessments, stability data generation, and final formulation selection.

Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing

Liquid and semi-solid fill technology and manufacture are core strengths of Capsugel. These technologies are routinely employed for improved bioavailability, high potency compounds, addressing food effects, improved active ingredient stability, taste and odor masking, as well as effective product differentiation and branding. Our facilities in Ploermel offers the following end-to-end development services:

  • Over 20 years of experience in softgel manufacturing
  • Inspected by US FDA, EMA and ANVISA
  • Integrated product design, development and commercial manufacturing on site
  • Specialized isolation capabilities for handling highly potent compounds
  • Specialization in developing and manufacturing softgels
    containing hormones and light- or oxygen-sensitive API (e.g. [iso]tretinoin and pharmaceutical-grade purified fish oils)