Clinical Trial Materials & Services

Capsugel designs, develops and manufactures innovative products for pharmaceutical customers. Key focus areas include drug design and development based on enabled formulations for improved bioavailability and drug delivery.

We offer a full range of innovative solid dosage forms, including specialized tablets, mini-tablets, multiparticulates, sachets, liquid-filled hard capsules, and softgels.  Our technologies enable a wide range of control over release profiles, delivery routes, and dosage-form attributes to meet our customers’ demanding product specifications.

Comprehensive Clinical Supplies Solutions

To support our customers’ clinical trials, we offer a full range of CTM (Clinical Trial Materials) manufacturing, packaging and logistics services. We provide an integrated product development approach supporting all aspects of drug design, development and clinical supply solutions for phase I-V. Our “speed-to-product” approval capabilities include preformulation, formulation development, analytical services, cGMP manufacturing for both clinical and commercial scale, as well as global clinical supplies packaging and logistics. 

Solid Dosage Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution

Our integrated product development includes full preformulation, formulation development and analytical services. We provide clients with clinical trial and commercial manufacture of innovative dose forms, and have isolation capability for highly potent compounds at each stage of the product development and supply process. Capsugel supplies a full range of primary and secondary packaging for a variety of dosage forms, including labeling services and clinical kit assembly.

Product design, development and manufacturing sites in the United States (Bend, Oregon and Tampa, Florida) and Europe (Edinburgh, Scotland and Ploermel, France) produce a full range of oral dosage forms in cGMP environments for clinical and commercial supply.

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