On-Trend Dosage Form Combinations Using DUOCAP® Technology

May 03, 2017

Stand I10, Vitafoods, Geneva, 9-11 May 2017

Morristown, N.J., May 3, 2017 – Capsugel will be showcasing its DUOCAP™ capsule-in-capsule delivery system innovations at Vitafoods Europe 2017 with the presentation of new ready-to-market product concepts for the healthy aging, active lifestyle and probiotic markets. The single oral dosage delivery system involves inserting a smaller, pre-filled capsule into a larger, liquid-filled capsule, opening a broad range of formulation and design possibilities.

Among the ready-to-market products that will be presented is Bone4Kardio™, co-developed by Capsugel and Kappa Bioscience, which demonstrates how DUOCAP technology can overcome the complex formulation challenges associated with combining previously incompatible ingredients. With enhanced product stability, Bone4Kardio features vitamin K2 and magnesium alongside omega-3, vitamin D3 and a B complex vitamin to satisfy the specific health requirements of two core categories – bone and cardiovascular health – in a single dosage form. Visitors can learn more about the innovation at 2.25pm on 9 May, when Dominik Mattern, Business Development Manager at Capsugel, will present “Bone4Kardio™: combine bone and heart benefits in one daily DUOCAP™ capsule” as part of the Vitafoods LaunchPad.

Capsugel is also using DUOCAP technology to extend the market potential of on-trend curcumin, with new line extensions now made possible by combining the high bioavailability of Capsugel’s Licaps® technology-enabled curcumin formulations and specific ingredients for immunity, bone, joint, brain and gut health. In parallel, Capsugel will demonstrate how the innovative delivery system can solve the stability challenges of moisture-sensitive probiotic formulations through the latest update to its prebiotics-probiotics DUOCAP offering, as well as highlighting that the dual-release technology can be used for vegetarian products to meet the increasing consumer demand for clean label products.

“The latest consumer research tells us that safety and scientific proof are crucial elements in the design of dietary supplement products,” said Erasmo Schutzer, Sr. Vice President, Consumer Health & Nutrition and Chief Marketing Officer at Capsugel. “By combining previously incompatible ingredients, our cutting-edge DUOCAP delivery system will help our customers to create innovative, versatile product offerings that form a favorable and lasting impression among consumers. With its focus on the latest industry advancements, Vitafoods is the perfect platform to showcase the commercial possibilities available with Capsugel’s DUOCAP technology.”

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