Capsugel Launches Pearlized Licaps® Liquid Capsules, a Liquid Delivery System Beautified With Pearlescent Capsules

September 11, 2007

Alluring colored effect boosts marketability with sophisticated appeal

Capsugel, the leading global provider of dosage form solutions, has announced the introduction of pearlized Licaps® capsules. The pearlized Licaps capsules couple Capsugel's proprietary liquid supplement delivery technology with a pearled effect capsule. They are available in a wide array of color options.

The pearled effect is not simply an added coloring, but results from the unique combination of the capsule shell material with a light-reflecting pigment. It is available in all Licaps capsule sizes, including the new size 000 Licaps capsule with a 1200 milligram-fill capacity (similar to the most common softgel size).

The use of all-natural Candurin® pigment, a light-reflecting colorant composed of natural mica and titanium dioxide, creates the pearled appearance. Candurin® can be used alone to produce a striking pearl white capsule. It also can be mixed with other approved dyes to create a wide palette of pearled colors, as well as various two-color capsule combinations. In addition, it can be formulated into metallic colors, such as bronze, silver, and gold.

This introduction builds on Capsugel's earlier launch of pearlized capsules for dry powder fill applications, available in both plant-based HPMC capsules and gelatin capsules.

"The success of both the pearled effect capsules and Capsugel's proprietary Licaps liquid delivery system made for an ideal product extension," said Robert Whitelaw, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for Capsugel.

Whitelaw explained that the Licaps brand is well known for its distinctive technology that can help preserve the potency of oxygen-sensitive liquid fills. After a capsule is filled with liquid, it is flushed with nitrogen to purge oxygen from the final sealed product, evidenced by a nitrogen bubble that is visible through transparent capsules. Enhancing the barrier to oxygen is a band-free robust seal created by Capsugel's proprietary LEMS® capsule sealing process, which effectively fuses the capsule into one piece.

"This aesthetic and eye-catching pearled effect can add sophistication to Licaps products. It helps make visually bland formulations more attractive. The use of shiny or metallic colors can fashion distinctive appearances to differentiate brands," Whitelaw elaborated.

He added that pearled effect capsules have been well received in two markets in particular: Oral Cosmetic products and Sports Nutrition products. "The pearlescent look can complement and capitalize on the trend toward 'beauty from within' in both market segments. Shiny, iridescent packaging and displays are in vogue, and now the product itself can look as distinctive."

Previously used in topical applications and tablet coatings, Candurin® pigment was approved for use in food and supplements by the Federal Drug Administration on July 20, 2006.

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Candurin® pigment is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA.