Capsugel’s Sven Stegemann Chairs New AAPS Focus Group on Patient-Centric Drug Development

July 18, 2014

Sven Stegemann, PhD, Director of Pharmaceutical Business Development, has long championed a shift toward new approaches to drug design and development that address the unique needs of specific patient populations. Renowned globally for his leadership in studying the special requirements for the elderly, Stegemann was instrumental in establishing the newly formed AAPS Patient-Centric Drug Development, Drug Product Design, and Manufacturing Focus Group.

According to Stegemann, “Patient-centered drug products can fulfill the therapeutic needs of the patient as well as take into consideration the personal patient factors that are important in managing drug therapy.” This new focus group aims to develop science around the patients, their needs and their interface with drug problems in order to make products that are a better fit for patients, thereby increasing product safety and effectiveness in the real world.

Stegemann recently published a blog post on AAPS’s website announcing the formation of this new Focus Group that discusses the benefits of patient-centric drug products and development and how it helps the pharmaceutical industry to provide patient-centered health care solutions. 

Capsugel is committed to innovative partnerships and approaches to patient-centric drug development. Last year, we announced a partnership with Graz University of Technology in Austria to endow a professorship in Patient-Centered Drug Development and Production Technology. The recently launched Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsules for the pharmaceutical and health and nutrition market were specifically designed for those who may have swallowing challenges, particularly the very young and the elderly.