Targeted Delivery

Capsugel utilizes a full range of technologies with which to modulate pharmacokinetics of drug compounds, often in conjunction with other enabling technologies, e.g. solubility enhancement, to optimize drug performance and therapeutic effect. We tailor the formulation approach taken to the specific characteristics of the drug or drug product intermediate and the target product profile. Many of the technologies utilized are proprietary and have been developed to meet very specific drug delivery challenges. Special processing techniques and customized equipment ensure optimized product development and manufacturing at clinical and commercial scale.

A full range of release profiles can be achieved with Capsugel technologies. Immediate release, enteric protection, delayed release, controlled or extended release, dual release, fixed dose combinations, and site-specific release are all routinely utilized in product design and development. 

Numerous drivers—both clinical- and product-driven—impact the design and development of dosage forms incorporating targeted delivery mechanisms, including:

  • improving bioavailability;
  • achieving site-specific delivery;
  • meeting clinical needs for specific plasma time-course profiles;
  • avoiding site-specific degradation in the GI tract;
  • improving patient compliance;
  • enabling line extensions, new indications and/or product repositioning;
  • enabling combination formulations and dual-release profiles

Specialized formulations are routinely developed utilizing complementary enabling technologies:

  • Pediatric applications often utilize one of several multiparticulate processing approaches, often combined with taste-masking technologies, and specialized sprinkle capsules for ease of dispensing. 
  • Abuse deterrent approaches can also be built into the formulation design where applicable, e.g. opioids. 
  • Inhalation formulations for nasal and pulmonary delivery are developed utilizing spray dry processing, and can be combined with specialized DPI capsules

Capsugel’s multidisciplinary teams work closely with clients to clearly identify and understand their problem statements. Using our collective expertise in formulation science, we focus on key physical and chemical properties of the compound and dosage-form requirements, working collaboratively with clients to develop tailored problem statements specific to each compound. Technology selection methodologies, based on predictive modeling, are utilized in selecting optimal formulation approaches to achieve target product profiles and rapidly advance drug concepts.