Advancing Dry Powder Inhalation Capsule Technologies Towards Enhanced Therapeutics

November 29, 2017

Dry powder inhalers (DPIs) – and primarily capsule-based DPIs – are gaining interest from generic players in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for treatment in emerging countries due to their simplicity, cost-effectiveness and patient compliance.

To ensure optimal performance of final DPI drugs, it is important to consider optimal particle engineering approaches in the drug development process as well as to identify critical parameters that may interact between the formulation, the device and the container (in this case the capsule) – such as microbial count and water content. This webinar will examine current trends in DPIs, specifically looking at capsule-based devices and the benefits of using this approach for generic drug development. A comparison of jet milling for carrier based approaches and spray drying as a particle sizing option will be reviewed. Finally, other critical parameters that may impact the performance of the finished dosage form will be discussed along with a robust capsule-customization approach as a simple and cost-effective way to deliver inhalable medication.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Current Trends in DPIs, specifically Capsule- Based Devices
  • Benefits of Generic Drug Development
  • Comparison of Jet Milling and Spray Drying

Presented by : 

Matt Richardson, Ph.D - Manager, Pharmaceutical Business Development - Capsugel, now a Lonza company

Frédérique Bordes-Picard - Manager, Pharmaceutical Business Development - Capsugel, now a Lonza company

Sven Stegemann, Ph.D. - Director, Pharmaceutical Business Development - Capsugel, now a Lonza company

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