Bioavailability Enhancement Webinar Series - Nanoparticle Dispersions & Drug Nanocrystals

January 21, 2014

Please join us for our next bioavailability enhancement webinar January 21, 2014, which will focus on nanotechnology advancements.

Drug-containing nanoparticles offer the potential for both increased dissolution rate and higher drug activity compared to bulk crystalline drug. These advantages can improve oral bioavailability of drugs for which absorption is either dissolution-rate-limited (i.e. DCS Class IIa), or solubility-limited (i.e., DCS Class IIb and IV drugs).  In this webinar, the physicochemical properties, in vitro and in vivo performance, and manufacturing considerations for amorphous nanoparticle dispersions and drug nanocrystals for bioavailability enhancement will be explored.

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