Biologic Comparison of a Novel Inhaled Insulin DPI Formulation to Exubera™

April 30, 2015

Inhaled peptides and proteins have promise for respiratory and systemic disease treatment such as diabetes. This class of molecules is particularly well suited to formulation and processing by spray drying to achieve respirable engineered particles.

This webinar will discuss important aspects of formulation and process development for an inhaled biotherapeutic as well as describe important pre-clinical in vivo model methodologies required to understand biologic performance. Specifically, it will discuss pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic performance after pulmonary delivery of a DPI, providing an overview of a recent case study, demonstrating in vitro and in vivo inhalation performance of a novel spray-dried powder of insulin in comparison to Exubera™. 


  • David Vodak, Ph.D., Senior Director, Pharmaceutical R&D, Capsugel
  • Philip Kuehl, Ph.D., Research Scientist at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

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