Encapsulation: Practical Strategies for Risk Management

December 06, 2016

Encapsulated products are on the rise as new chemical and biologic entities require their simplicity, elimination of heat and expedited speed to market for smaller targeted cohorts. The ability to use capsules successfully in the manufacturing environment starts with the earliest decisions by formulators making appropriate choices and concludes with operations providing the targeted training and equipment optimization.

This webinar is designed to step through a series of practical strategies for mitigating risk from beginning to successful conclusion and will discuss the quality solutions that can put you ahead of the game. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Using the capsule as a form of risk management
  • Approaches to time savings during encapsulated drug development and production
  • Equipment training and optimization that is key before and during production runs

Presented by:

  • Paul G. Davis, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Capsugel
  • Gerard Scarlato, Ph.D, Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager, Capsugel
  • Tim Sopko, Field Service Engineer, Capsugel
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