New Intrinsically Enteric Capsule Technology for Pharmaceutical Drug Development

December 12, 2016

Finding more efficient ways to target drug delivery to the small intestine and provide effective enteric protection for heat or acid-sensitive and/or gastric-irritating drugs are significant challenges for the pharmaceutical industry.

Capsugel has combined polymer science and capsule engineering to develop a line of intrinsically enteric capsules that preclude the need for enteric coating. 

Learn how this novel solution, recently distinguished by the CPhI “Excellence in Formulation Award”, can accelerate preclinical and clinical development for compounds requiring enteric protection and/or delayed release in the upper GI tract.

Presented by:

  • Eduardo Jule, Ph.D., Director, Pharmaceutical Business Development, Capsugel
  • Frédérique Bordes-Picard, Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager, Capsugel
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