Fundamentals of Spray-Dried Dispersion Technology

September 17, 2015

In this webinar, experts will discuss:

  • Key parameters that indicate amorphous dispersions and specifically spray dry dispersions as an optimal enabling approach.
  • How the spray drying process can be scaled from tens of milligrams to metric tons.
  • Best practices for formulation screening and evaluation of stability, performance, and manufacturability of spray-dried dispersions.
  • Methodologies and tools for spray drying process development and scale-up through clinical supply and commercial manufacturing.

Current estimates indicate that more than 70% of new chemical entities require solubilization technology to achieve efficacious plasma exposure. Amorphous solid dispersion technology is a leading approach to improve solubility and dissolution rate of these insoluble compounds by providing a supersaturated concentration of drug in the gastrointestinal environment, which often translates to rapid absorption and improved bioavailability. Amorphous solid dispersions are typically prepared by using hot-melt extrusion or spray drying processes. This webinar will focus on the fundamentals of formulating and processing of spray-dried dispersions, including stability assessment, in-vitro performance, and downstream manufacturability.

Presented By:

  • Amber Broadbent, Ph.D., Director of Engineering
  • Nathan Bennette, Senior Research Chemist
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