Keeping Up with the Healthy Aging Revolution

November 16, 2016

While they may not be able to turn back the clock, consumers can make choices to live better over time. Yet as they age, their behaviors and needs change. Understanding what’s important to consumers at various life stages, and what influences their purchasing decisions, can help companies satisfy this growing population.

Meanwhile, past inevitabilities of aging are facing new science, ingredients and applications today that are changing consumer aspirations and expectations. Learn more about how to meet their needs, which are causing a revolution in healthy aging.

  •  Insights into the Healthy Aging consumer;
  • Product varieties/sources and health benefits;
  • The latest developments and innovations in dosage forms and solutions.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Consumer insights
  • Products/science for eye health
  •  Products/science for brain health
  •  Products/science for joint/muscle health
  •  Applications/delivery systems for these ingredients

Presented by:

Sean Moloughney, Editor, Nutraceuticals World

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