Meeting the Needs of the Older Patient through Advanced Product Development and Design

March 02, 2015

Drug product development is traditionally being done on a single compound in patients with a single disease or at least strictly randomized and surveyed. This often misses the "real patients" and major user group to which 70 % in volume of our drugs are prescribed to - the patients beyond 65 years. 

This webinar will focus on two major areas in the development of age appropriate products:
1. The specific physiological derived needs of older adults
2. Common Issue with medication and dosage form recommendation for older adults

The objective is to draw a basic picture on the real older patients and their needs in complex drug therapy and discuss how this translates into advanced product development and design.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Older patient needs and age related changes
  • Pharmacotherapy in older adults
  • Common issues and problems with medication use in older adults
  • Considerations for dosage form development

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