Mitigating Risk and Speeding Development with Advanced Capsule Technology

June 03, 2015

During the past 20 years, disruptive innovations have changed the drug discovery process and enabled many new drug targets and development of effective drugs against complex diseases representing unmet medical needs in the areas of cancer, autoimmune diseases and viral infections. Since 2010, capsules have been used for 21 products for such indications that have gone through accelerated, fast track, orphan and priority review processes. Capsules increasingly deliver strategic value in drug development by enabling rapid advancement of products built on QbD principles and supported by PAT.

This webinar will highlight the use of capsules to support current needs in drug development, including their utility in risk mitigation by facilitating robust process and product scale-up using traditional and advanced manufacturing approaches. Case studies will cover use of two-piece capsules in a broad range of applications, including bioavailability enhancement, modified release, pediatric solutions, and fixed dose combinations.


  • Matt Richardson, Ph.D. — Manager of Pharmaceutical Business Development, Capsugel
  • Sven Stegemann, Ph.D. — Director for Pharmaceutical Business Development, Capsugel
  • Gerard Scarlato, Ph.D. — Manager of Business Development, Capsugel
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