Probiotics: Innovative dosage form solutions for the 2016 market and beyond

April 13, 2016

In 2015, 45% of the supplements with probiotic ingredients came in a capsule. This is a growth of over +10% from 2011 (35%).

With regulatory hurdles restricting the use of health claims on pack, creating probiotic supplements that stand out from the crowd is often proving to be a real challenge. A stable and efficient delivery system is critical to retaining a loyal customer base. Putting product performance at the heart of communications can also help brands to win more consumers, and even extend into new markets and applications.

In this webinar, innovative dosage form solutions for probiotics in the 2016 market and beyond will be highlighted. Innova Market Insights will discuss new supplement product activity with probiotics before the latest developments in dosage forms and solutions will be highlighted by Capsugel. 

Moderated by:

  • Robin Wyers, Chief Editor, CNS Media

Presented by: 

  • Dr. Nicolas Madit, Business Development Manager, Capsugel
  • Sjoerd Post, Market Analyst, Innova Market Insights
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