Sports Nutrition to Active Nutrition: What is fueling the transformation?

July 29, 2015

Sports nutrition is no longer just for the traditional athlete or gym enthusiast. A transformation is underway as manufacturers contemplate moving sports nutrition into the mass market to meet consumer’s need for products that increase stamina, sustain energy, enhance recovery and are science-backed with clean ingredients. These products need to fit into their healthy lifestyle and should not be complicated or have special regimens. 

Companies need to understand how to successfully make this transition. By understanding emerging segments and leveraging the right ingredients they may make a better transition to the mass market shelves. The ways these ingredients need to be delivered will impact that success.


  • Douglas S. Kalman PhD, RD, FACN, Dir, DB Nutrition & Endocrinology, QPS MRA
  • Jeff Hilton, Partner and Co-Founder, BrandHive
  • Missy Lowery, Sr. Marketing Manager, Capsugel


  • Recognize the emerging consumer segments fueling the transformation
  • Learn about key ingredients moving from the gym to mainstream
  • Leverage delivery systems to optimize key ingredient performance and consumer appeal
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