Using Engineered Particles in Capsules for Rapid-to-Clinic Dry Powder Inhalation Applications

June 25, 2014

This event will cover key considerations for optimizing pulmonary drug delivery and improving speed-to-clinic for dry powder inhalant (DPI) applications. A combination of formulation expertise, material science, particle engineering and equipment platform leads to an API independent platform capable of aerosol independent dose ranging and rapid progression to clinical supplies. In addition, important aspects of the capsule interaction with the DPI device will be presented including the wide range of customization services to closely match Customers specific requirements.

Capsugel scientists will discuss the:

  • Formulations appropriate for engineered particles using the spray drying process.
  • Key aspects of developing and scaling the spray drying process.
  • Critical features of specialty capsules appropriate for inhaled delivery of spray-dried powders.

A representative case study using a model compound will be presented that demonstrates this pulmonary platform approach.

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