Webinar On Demand - Next Generation Dosage Forms for Next Generation Shoppers

March 20, 2019

Next Generation Dosage Forms for Next Generation Shoppers

On Demand Webinar

First Aired : March 20th, 2019 at 11:00 AM (Eastern)

Dosage form matters. New data shows that more consumers are seeking solutions to support healthier lifestyle choices than ever before. This is driving growth, not only in the wider dietary supplements industry, but also of dosage form solutions. While tablets and capsules continue their reign as the most popular dosage forms for consumers, innovative formats like gummies are breaking into the mainstream. Solutions that meet growing demand for more naturally sourced, vegan/vegetarian and clean label supplements are also booming. Listen to our webinar to discover how manufacturers and brand owners can use these insights to create compelling supplement products that are at the core of today’s consumer experience. Hear more about the factors to consider when making dosage form choices during the product development process, including:

  • Navigating the product development decision path, whether this is line extensions, brand refreshes, or ingredient challenges;
  • How next generation dosage formats can take the consumer experience to the next level;
  • Getting the most benefit from the breadth of dosage form choices now available, how to work with them and develop opportunities.


  • Barri Sigvertsen, Marketing Manager, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition
  • Tyler White, Head of Global Customer Solutions Innovations, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition

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