Coni-Snap® Sigma Series Capsules

Coni-Snap® Sigma Series capsules, the world’s most reliable two-piece hard gelatin capsules.

Coni-Snap® hard gelatin capsules (HGCs) have been a product of choice for pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical companies due to their reliable, outstanding performance - since their unique locking closure was introduced. They are the most widely used capsule in the world for many reasons, but key to their success is the fact they were designed and engineered to perform.

  • A tapered rim on the body engages easily with the cap allowing for problem-free closure 
  • A dual snap-ring locking system provides full circumference leak-free containment 
  • Air vents allow air to escape during filling on high-speed capsule filling machines 
  • Rounded hemispherical ends are stronger and more resistant to deformation at high speeds

Marketplace Demands for Sigma Quality Levels

Quality by Design (QbD) initiatives have become a new priority in Biopharmaceutical manufacturing as companies are caught between heightened regulatory scrutiny and the demand for greater operational efficiency. The key principle of QbD is to build more robust and tighter process capabilities with reduced variation—to build the quality into the product and the processes in order to reduce reject rates.

Introducing a New Milestone in Capsule Quality and Value – Coni-Snap® Sigma Series Capsules

In 2013, we launched the first stage in a paradigm shift for quality in capsules with the introduction of Coni-Snap® Sigma Series capsules. Sigma Series is the designation given to all capsules manufactured to sigma quality standards—with quality measured to a parts per million (PPM) level instead of the industry standard Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) percentages. All Capsugel® capsules—printed and unprinted—will be the product of this unparalleled increase in quality standards.

A Coni-Snap® capsule with Superior Visual and Print Quality, Produced with Advanced Manufacturing Technology

  • Improved quality, safety & compliance
  • Move from AQL sampling to PPM level controls & Sigma-level specifications
    • No filing/registration requirements expected
    • No changes to encapsulation processes
  • Potential reduction for patient complaints

Produced on Re-Designed High Precision Manufacturing and Printing Lines

  • Superior quality obtained through the combination of process technology and online electronic inspection of every single capsule
  • Greater quality consistency within each lot, with substantially reduced defect levels
  • New defect level specifications based on ppm levels

Coni-Snap® Sigma Series Capsules – Improvement from Incoming Inspection to Consumer

All along the supply chain, Coni-Snap® Sigma Series is designed to operate with greater assurance of quality, safety and regulatory compliance

Wide Flexibility in Both Size and Color

Coni-Snap® capsules are available in 12 sizes and can be customized in a wide range of colors and with printing. Visit Build Your Own Capsule to see more. 

Coni-Snap® capsules are also available in a convenient CapsuleCaddy™ container, perfect for clinical trial batches, R&D projects or small manufacturing runs.

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