PCcaps® Capsules

Pre-clinical studies are critical to the success of your new formulations and PCcaps® capsules present an exceptional solution to carrying out your pre-clinical animal studies with improved effectiveness.

PCcaps capsules are very small gelatin capsules that are ideal for oral delivery of the neat active in pre-clinical animal studies. They have been designed for performing pre-clinical trials such as pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and animal safety studies.

With PCcaps capsules, there is no need to use excipients to homogenize the active ingredient, nor is there a need to use solvents which may not be compatible with the normal physiology of the animal.

PCcaps Capsules Support Your Humane Testing Programs

Use PCcaps capsules for your pre-clinical studies for advantages like:

  • Better assurance of delivering consistent dosage levels
  • Prevent regurgitation and upper gastrointestinal tract irritation
  • Mask any unpleasant tastes and odors to ease administration
  • Backed by decades of safe and effective utilization in oral dosage applications

The PCcaps Capsules Kit

Order our PCcaps capsules kit which includes 100 capsules, an instructional tutorial and equipment for filling, as well as a delivery device. PCcaps capsules are also available separately in 50 count boxes.