DUOCAP® Capsules

DUOCAP® is a proprietary capsule-in-capsule delivery system that is ideally suited for combination or dual release products. 

Broad Range of Possibilities

This single oral dosage delivery system, which involves inserting a smaller pre-filled capsule into a larger liquid-filled capsule, offers numerous possibilities and a broad range of formulation and design options.

DUOCAP® capsule technology facilitates:

  • Formulating combination products or dual release of a single ingredient
  • Providing multiple release profiles
  • Unique finished product presentation for brand recognition

DUOCAP® capsules can be used for immediate release or combined release—for example solubilized prebiotics in the outer capsule and probiotics in the inner capsule.  The prebiotic releases immediately and the probiotic release later.

The inner capsule of this unique delivery system can contain liquid, semi-solids, powder or pellets, while the outer capsule can be either a liquid or semi-solid formulation.

The outer capsule typically is used for immediate release of a combination product or first phase of a dual release formulation. The liquid or semi-solid formulation of the outer capsule provides fast liquid release of the ingredient. Lipid-based formulations in either the inner and/or outer capsules may be developed to improve the bioavailability of the formulation.

Lonza has extensive experience in formulating combination products with incompatible compounds and with timed supplementation