MuscleGuard™ Formulation for Clinically-Studied Muscle-Health Benefits

MuscleGuard™ Formulation

Leave the Competition Behind

MuscleGuard™ formulation combines a precise and clinically-studied ratio of four nutrients – Lonza’s Carnipure® L-carnitine, creatine and leucine with vitamin D to deliver positive results for sports performance and recovery. 

This unique, patent-pending, vegan formula is backed by clinical research confirming its ability to support muscle strength and muscle mass in healthy adults — independent of diet and exercise. It was found to deliver a 63% increase in muscle strength and mass in a clinical study on older people to support consumers’ sports and exercise aspirations. These benefits are attributed to the ability of MuscleGuard™ formulation to trigger the mTOR pathway, a major driver of muscle protein synthesis. 

Ideal for use by both male and female athletes and active individuals.

MuscleGuard™ formula offers nutritional support for pre-, intra-, and post-workout. Convenient as a standalone sports drink mix, it can also be easily incorporated into existing sports nutrition regimes such as protein powders and shakes.

Key Benefits

Vegan formulation

Backed by research in healthy men and women

Suitable for athletes and active individuals alike

Patent-pending (composition & method of use)

Formulated for complementary effects of relatively low-dose amino acids

Easy-to-mix, water-dispersible powder

​Effective daily dose (7.3 g) provides a precise ratio of 3 amino acids and vitamin D for muscle health:​

Carnipure® L-Carnitine

1.5 g

Creatine Monohydrate

3 g


2 g

Vitamin D

10 mcg[NA1]