ResistAid® Arabinogalactan

Naturally processed from the North American Larch tree, ResistAid® arabinogalactan provides year-round, immune support, and is a sustainable supplementary option for environmentally conscious consumers.

ResistAid® Arabinogalactan Supports Natural Immune Function

According to SORD consumer data, almost 75% of supplement users are interested in taking supplements to boost their immunity, and ResistAid® arabinogalactan offers them an effective option. A natural immune support ingredient sourced from the North America Larch tree, ResistAid® arabinogalactan works to support the immune system: innate immune response and adaptive immune response. 

Clinical research demonstrates the benefits of this highly branched polysaccharide: healthy adults who took  ResistAid® arabinogalactan were 57% more likely to stay healthy than those taking placebo. As a natural, sustainable supplement, ResistAid® arabinogalactan is specially tailored for the environmentally conscious consumer.

A Sustainable Supplement for the Modern Consumer

• Clinically studied immune support

• Sustainably sourced from the North American Larch tree

• Water-based method extracts the arabinogalactan compounds

• Food & beverage application-friendly

• Backed by three clinical studies*

*Riede, et al. Curr Med Res Opin. 2013.

Udani, et al. J Am Coll Nutr. 2013.

Udani, et al. Nutr J. 2010.

Certified Non-GMO and Kosher

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How ResistAid® Arabinogalactan Impacts Consumer Health

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