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Are you having challenges developing probiotic products?

With increased consumer scrutiny over product claims, creating probiotic supplements that stand out from the crowd often proves a real challenge. A stable and efficient probiotic delivery system is critical to retaining a loyal customer base. Putting product performance at the heart of communications can also help brands to win more consumers, and even extend into new markets and applications.

As a global leader in delivering high-quality, innovative dosage forms and solutions, Lonza brings the formulation answers you need to achieve commercial success. For the past decade, we have been working to overcome the traditional challenges associated with formulating probiotic products. Would you like to learn more about how Lonza can help you to meet your technical or marketing goals? Choose from the challenges in the table below and discover which product will give the desired functionality.



How can we help?

Achieve maximum shelf life

Improve stability by decreasing capsule water content, to create optimal conditions

Drcaps®, Vcaps® and Vcaps® Plus HPMC capsules help to protect ingredients that are sensitive to moisture

Increase strain survival and delivery efficiency

Select a dosage form with proven stomach acid resistance, to ensure the delivery of probiotics into the intestine

DRcaps® capsules safeguard probiotics in the passage through the stomach, without the cost and complexity of enteric coating

Meet the specific needs of children and consumers with swallowing difficulties 

Enable probiotics to be orally administered by simply sprinkling the contents into soft food, with easy-to-open capsules

Coni-Snap® Sprinkle capsules are an alternative to sticks and sachets and can be filled on the same machines as traditional capsules 

Create combination products with EFSA claims

Stand out in a competitive market and deliver probiotics with other actives in 2-in-1 capsules

Our DUOCAP® patented capsule-in-capsule delivery system allows for the effective delivery of probiotics and is ideally suited for combination or dual release products

Explore alternative delivery routes

Target the growing market for women's health products, with innovative dosage formats including vaginal delivery capsules

With Vcaps® Plus HPMC capsules, you can benefit from added protection and rapid dissolution advantages

Cater to rising demand for clean label supplements

Choose delivery forms that facilitate your label claims, to appeal to the latest consumer preferences

Our portfolio of vegetarian capsules delivers optimal performance for the manufacturing of safe and effective clean label food supplements

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Lonza provides formulation solutions as a key aspect of our end-to-end service commitment, helping to enable successful development of nutritional products and optimal ingredient delivery.

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