Herbs & Botanicals

Herbs and Botanicals have been the supplement of choice for the millennial generation. So it’s apropos that this target market is driving the resurgence of its use globally. According to Natural Marketing Institute’s SORD Study, more than any other generation, Millennials (118 index to Supplement Users) are driving the use of Herbs and Botanicals. The consumer sales of Herbs/Traditional Products, as reported by Euromonitor for 2016, grew to $4.8 Billion in consumer sales or a 4% growth over prior year.

Innovative Delivery Technologies

Capsugel’s portfolio of products and services address a broad spectrum of delivery technologies and applications to help you tailor your products to meet consumer demand for herbs and botanicals. Capsule technology enables better product stability, oxygen protection, acid protection, and taste and odor masking. Depending on your ingredient’s properties and form, liquid or powder, Capsugel can assist you to determine the best delivery to meet your goals and consumer satisfaction. This broad portfolio also offers solutions with certifications like Vegan, Vegetarian Society and Non-GMO Project Verified that are important to consumer seeking clean label claims and transparency in their supplements.

Millennials are the generation driving the use of Herbs & Botanicals
NMI Sord 2015