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Nutritional oils are vital to a healthy diet, yet one fourth of the U.S. population feels deficient in omega fatty acids. As the human body can’t produce essential fatty acids, they must be obtained from dietary sources. With more educated consumers seeking new ways to include these key ingredients in their daily routines, they are also demanding sustainable solutions, which has propelled growth in plant-based varieties. Nutrient-rich ingredients are good for consumers and also for companies looking to grow their supplement portfolios.

Innovative Fusion Technology - Capsules for oil filling

The Licaps® fusion technology fuses two-piece hard capsules to encapsulate nutritional oil formulations. This innovative process can be used with gelatin and plant-based capsules to fit the needs of the ingredient and the target market.

This versatile application supports multiple release profiles, novel or incompatible combinations, and enhanced oil stability. Each fused capsule is flushed with nitrogen and hermetically sealed to remove oxygen from the capsule interior and provides a barrier for oxygen to enter. 

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