Specialty Vitamins

Consumers are informed and engaged in their health care management and they are seeking specialty vitamins. Specialty vitamins/supplements formulations are designed to support specific functions or structures in the body—joint health, eye health, immune support, and cardiovascular performance to name a few. The difference from traditional supplementation is that this community seeks simplicity, traceability and ingredients with proof of effectiveness. They want to know exactly what they are getting and where it came from. This means that sometimes less is more. By eliminating ingredients they don’t want, they are more satisfied.

A Broad Spectrum of Solutions

Capsugel’s portfolio of products and services address a broad spectrum of delivery technologies and applications to help you tailor your products to meet consumer demand. Our range of technologies help our customers enhance bioavailability, targeted delivery, swallowability, taste and order masking while also enabling combination products and innovative dosage forms. Capsugel assists in formulation science to maximize the absorption and efficacy of ingredient using technologies like solubility ingredients to support better absorption. 

With end to end products and services and global scalability, we’ve been helping customers optimize their consumer health and nutrition products. Capsule technology enables acid-resistance without coatings, choice of dissolution, fewer excipients, and improved consumer experiences.

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Webinar: Sports Nutrition - Innovation through Function and Form, backed by Science
The market for active and sports nutrition products is growing at a rapid rate and leading to a more diverse consumer base for the category. Join this webinar to learn about the sports nutrition scene, innovative formulation approaches and the latest updates of Lonza's science-backed ingredients to enable brands to stand tall in a noisy category.
Webinar: Keys to Raising Your Quality IQ
At Lonza, we strongly believe that staying ahead of the product integrity curve makes good business sense—and that establishing a reputation for marketing safe products is crucial for the industry in general. Participants in this information webinar will learn what best-in-class companies are doing to establish their quality processes and practices and how Lonza is optimizing these quality standards.
Creating Food Supplements for an Aging Population
Get The Most Out Of Less Is More

Today, "less is more" is more than a figure of speech. It's a movement. Especially in the health and nutrition marketplace. Every day, an increasing number of customers are seeking out simplicity and purity in their dietary supplements.

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Vitamins and Supplements: Less is More

More than half of Americans use vitamins or supplements, spending over $9.4 billion a year. Dr. Jeffrey Tice takes a look at which are encouraged, which are discouraged and which have no benefit. He covers antioxidants, folic acid, vitamin D and Calcium and Omega 3.

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