Colorista® Capsules

Capsugel® Colorista® technology can provide a shorter development time for your product, while offering flexibility to progress with technical development before the final commercial color decision is taken.  

A new single R&D solution for pharmaceutical formulation development

Commercial color decisions are rarely made before initial stability studies — which can result in costly delays if new colors are introduced. And one major concern when developing a new drug is the ability to anticipate upfront interactions between fill and capsule.

Capsugel® Colorista® capsules are a new single R&D solution for pharmaceutical formulation development. It allows the ability to progress with compatibility and stability testing before deciding on a color for the commercial drug product. Capsugel® Colorista® capsules are the perfect tool for pharmaceutical customers who are looking for flexible and time-efficient development of new products or generics.

Capsugel® Colorista® is available in Coni-Snap® gelatin and Vcaps® Plus capsules which contains a selection of colorants and printing inks with a broad geographic scope. It is an optimized tool for formulation development and enabling compatibility studies before deciding on the final color for the commercial drug products.*

Why choose Capsugel® Colorista® capsules?

Fast development

  • Helps cut development time

  • Enables great flexibility in stability and compatibility testing

Wide color selection

  • Over 150 colors available in gelatin

  • Over 50 colors available in HPMC (Vcaps® Plus)

Available in multiple sizes (in both gelatin and HPMC)

  • 0, 1, and 2

  • Other sizes can be produced on demand

Solid functionality and performance

  • Excellent robustness

  • Resistance to fading

Exceptional color lab services

  • Advice on regulatory colorant compliance in intended markets

  • Outstanding color development, matching and customization capabilities

*Data generated using Capsugel® Colorista® capsules can be used for regulatory submission, provided that the color composition of the final drug product contains only colorants from the Colorista® capsule color formulation in an amount that does not exceed the original amount.

By using stability data from the Capsugel® Colorista® capsules to support the marketing authorization application, time can be gained in obtaining regulatory approval.

Colorista® is a trademark of Lonza or its affiliates registered in US and/or EU.

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